The seasons change and so do we…


Fall is a season of change. The leaves droop a bit lower on the trees and begin to turn colors, and the sunset around Jamaica Pond starts a bit earlier each day. In the city of Boston, the fall always seems to be a season of excitement and new opportunity. Thousands upon thousands of students make their way to the cities colleges and universities. Patriots games can be heard blaring from corner bars. Fall staples like candy corn and Sam Adams Oktoberfest appear on store shelves.

As this summer comes to an end, it marks a time of change for Forest Hills Runners as well. One of our club mottos is “Be Amazing!” (A favorite catchphrase from our fearless leader and creator, Owen Kendall.) The people who make up our Forest Hills Runners community truly are amazing, in running and in life endeavors. Consequentially, people move on to do amazing things like PhD programs, or post-med school residencies, or exciting job opportunities that allow them to fulfill their other passions. In FHR we like to think that these departures are not “good-byes”, but “see ya’ laters.” Once you are part of the FHR community you will always have a couch to crash on in JP, or a friend to do a lap of Jamaica Pond with. For those of you who are leaving for bigger and better things, we give you a hearty high-five and a loud “BE AMAZING!” as well as a thank you for being a part of our community. You made it better by being a part of it and we sincerely appreciate your time, miles, and smiles. You will be missed dearly, and welcomed back gladly.

And just remember, as our couches are open to you should you ever choose to visit Boston, you may be called upon to offer up yours should a good looking race take place in your new home 😉

See ya’ later- and remember to BE AMAZING!!!

But WAIT! There’s more…

WELCOME NEW FRIENDS! We have seen a surge in new faces at runs lately and couldn’t be happier to welcome you all to our crazy little running community. Many of you have joined us as new arrivals to the neighborhood, so Welcome to Jamaica Plain as well! We hope you will keep coming back for more- especially in the colder months when FHR is one of the few reasons to keep running outside.

***New Run Leaders Wanted!*** If you think you want to take your involvement up a notch, we are always looking for new run leaders or subs for leading runs. All you have to do is be excited to run with us, and talk to a current run leader on your next run. They will help hook you up 🙂

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