runs & workouts


weekly FHR schedule

all runs/workouts meet at stony brook t stop

note: runs are only cancelled due to severe or dangerous conditions

monday 7pm

recovery/social run

Monday evening runs are designed for those looking for a nice & easy recovery/social run. Pace varies, but generally settles into the 8:45-9:15 pace. Routes rarely exceed five miles and take place through Franklin Park, the Arboretum, the Southwest corridor, JP Pond or up the Muddy River. Pace too fast? There are plenty of “catch up” points–we occasionally have a group running 9:30 pace and we are still able to run as a group. Still too fast? Our Saturday morning run is a great place to get acquainted with FHR as we have a 10:00+ pace group that runs a three mile route.

tuesday 7pm

“tempo tuesday” workout

Tempo Tuesday is for runners of all abilities! What the heck is a tempo workout/run? A tempo workout is running approximately 10% slower than your 5k pace for a determined amount of time or distance. For example, if your average 5k pace is 8:15 you would aim to maintain a steady 8:35 pace. Another way of putting it is, you shouldn’t be gasping for air, but you also shouldn’t be able to maintain a conversation. Think: comfortably hard. This is a great way to become a faster runner and train your body to go farther, faster. The workouts take place in one designated area (usually a loop) so everyone runs together regardless of pace. The workout is normally around 2-3 miles or 25-30 minutes and includes an easy jog from Stonybrook T stop to the workout area and one easy introductory lap of the tempo route.

wednesday 7pm

recovery/social run

The Wednesday evening run is another weekly option for those looking for a nice recovery/social run. Routes, pace and distance is similar to the Monday evening run.

thursday 7pm

track workout

Our Thursday track workout is for runners of all abilities. Runs meet at Stonybrook and start with a short warm-up to Downes Field track. (Note: during winter months track designation is to be determined. Some workouts may be altered depending on track availability and conditions.) Track workouts begin with dynamic stretching and warm-up drills. Actual workouts vary from week to week but usually involve high intensity running followed by recovery laps.

saturday 9am

social run

Saturday mornings offer something for everyone. There are usually 3-4 groups ranging from a 3-mile run at a 10:00 pace to a 10-mile run at a 7:30 pace (and everything in between). Runs end at JP Licks for coffee. So come out and meet your neighbors!