Running To the Beat

by Alina Gatowski, Thursday night track leader and superstar Disclaimer: Alina submitted this blog when it was actually still dark and cold at 5pm. Now that Daylight Savings has come, I know I am feeling a bit more eager to be outside. However...

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Smoothie Recipes!

All of these smoothies are single serving, so if you want to make more, just double the batch. All you have to do is throw all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth(ie). For harder ingredients (like the carrot or ginger) just put...

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falafel waffles

I won’t claim these are at all like the real thing – without deep frying, falafel just aren’t falafel-y. Having been instilled with a healthy fear of grease fires, and lacking a kitchen with proper ventilation, I had given up on making them...

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Fuel for the Fire

It’s pretty widely understood that healthy eating makes you feel good. As a runner, this is especially important, since food is the fuel that gets you through your long run, or helps speed up your recovery post-run. As an athlete, putting healthy...

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