Forest Hills Runners is community running at its best (free and for everyone). We believe in the power of setting goals and connecting with others. We bring people together from all populations in JP and its surrounding areas. It’s both for Olympians and for people who have never run a step in their lives.

Founded in April of 2011, Forest Hills Runners hosted its first run on Tuesday, the 26th of April, and has been running around Jamaica Plain and Boston ever since.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does FHR cost?

Nothing! Forest Hills Runners is a free community running group. Anyone can join.

I’d like to join but I’m not very fast – can I still come to a run?

Absolutely! Monday and Wednesday evening runs are recovery social runs with frequent stops and an average pace of 9:00+.

That’s still a little fast for me… any other options?

Our Saturday morning run is a great way to get acquainted with FHR. There are varying distance and pace groups including a 3 mile run at a 10:00 pace.

Where does FHR meet?

All runs and workouts meet directly in front of the Stonybrook T stop Monday – Thursday at 7PM. The Saturday morning run meets at 9AM.

Where does FHR run?

FHR runs take advantage of the many green spaces surrounding our neighborhood of Jamaica Plain including JP Pond, Franklin Park, the Arboretum, the muddy river path and hidden trails that exist all over the Emerald Necklace. Our fearless run leaders know some of the best routes in the city.

I’d really like to get faster, can Forest Hills Runners help me with that?

It’s been proven that running with a group will help you become a faster runner. It’s also been proven that track and tempo workouts will increase your speed and endurance. Our Tuesday and Thursday evening workouts are designed to be an encouraging and rewarding space for runners of all levels looking to PR their next race.

I’m training for a marathon and would love to find other runners to train with. How can I connect with other runners in Forest Hills Runners?

FHR has plenty of seasoned marathoners, ultra runners, triathletes and everyone in-between. Joining our Facebook group page is a great way to interact and connect with other members of our community interested in running. Interested in triathlons, ultra or trail running? Check out our triathlon Facebook group page for swim, bike, ultra and trail runs.